El Salto

I’m finally going to write what I was dreading to say. I have some injuries that are going to keep me from running for even longer than I thought. Because of (an as yet unexplained) bursitis in my right hip and now more recently an inflamed right knee from a nasty fall I took, I haven’t been able to run at all these past weeks. And it looks like I won’t be running for a while.

(Update Aug 2: bursitis in hip gone as mysteriously as it came, the problem now is quadricep tendonitis from the trauma for which I am now going to physical therapy)

Curiously, though, neither injury is running-related! I suppose that’s a good thing. But its frustrating all the same. In fact, the worst running-related injury I’ve ever had is blisters. Doing other things like hiking, basketball, soccer and just walking around my house I have accumulated the following list of small injuries: sprained ankle, sprained toe, sprained finger, broken finger, broken wrist. I can add the right hip, knee and shin to the list.

The nasty fall I mention was from this Saturday. While on a hiking excursion with friends, we had to cross a river several times which had more water and a stronger current than usual due to all the rainfall the area got from hurricane Alex and Bonnie. Although the water level was never higher than my waist for me, the current and rocky bottom makes for a tricky crossing. Even though I had the help of the guys to get me across, at one point the current made my foot lose its hold and I fell on my right knee and shin onto rocks. I got back up and onto the shore (a mere three feet from where I slipped) to find my right leg had two giant bumps on my shin and a swollen knee with a minor cut. It wasn’t anything serious, just bruising, but still not a pretty sight. And because it wasn’t painful to stand on we went about the rest of the day as planned.

The trip was completely worth it. The El Salto canyon is in the Cumbres de Monterrey National Park near Villa de Santiago, Nuevo León, México and is 500mts deep at its lowest point. The waterfall is 33mts and is spectacular these days because of the enormous amount of water. (The pictures I include in the slideshow come from cell phones, so forgive the bad resolution.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I made the mistake of wearing my old running shoes to this trip. It didn’t occur to me how useful my Vibrams would have been until I got back and my brother told me he was wearing his to hike. I have never worn my Vibrams to anything other than running on pavement and sidewalk! I think the Vibrams would have allowed for better grip when crossing while providing some protection against stubbing my toes. What do you think? Vibrams better than any shoe? Even hiking shoe? Next time I will definitely try them out on trails.


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