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Primera carrera 5k descalza

¡Este es mi reporte de la carrera Sport City 5k! También cuenta como la segunda mitad de mi 10k para la Carrera Virtual 10.10 de Barefoot Neil (¡Feliz cumpleaños, Neil!).

Me da mucho orgullo decir que esta fue mi primera carrera oficial que corrí descalza y… ¡mis pies están super bien! Mi tiempo oficial fue 31:22 (que es muy bueno para mí), pero el resultado más importante fue la ausencia total de ampollas o dolor alguno, excelente señal.

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First barefoot 5k race

Here’s my Sport City 5k race report! This is also the second half of my 10k for Barefoot Neil‘s 10.10 Virtual race (Happy birthday, Neil!).

I’m very proud to say this was my first official race that I ran barefoot and… my feet are great!! My official time was 31:22 (which is very good for me), but the most important result was having blister/pain-free feet, excellent sign.

Just look at my excited self!

Starting off I felt uncomfortable with all the people around me, took me a bit to get into my groove. This is me right after the finish line.

I guess this is my finally-i-did-it face. But this next pic I found hilarious, being checked out by an onlooking staff! (That’s a ‘WTF??’ expression if I ever saw one!)

And here is the obligatory post-race feet pic

Not bad! Caked in dust, but in fine shape.

You can check out my pace throughout the race here if you’re interested.

I feel very lucky and grateful to have received so much support from the online community of barefooters (dailymile, twitter, therunningbarefoot.com, yahoo forum, etc). Without them I would have never been able to do this and never found out I could love it so much.

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