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My Sept run stats and new tracking app


The course of the Channel Tunnel (English).

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First off, here’s how I did on my first month back barefoot running! Interesting equivalencies produced by my miCoach and dailymile trackers; I have logged the distance the Chunnel travels between England and France and burned the calorie equivalent of 31 donuts (“Mmmm, donuts”) or 12 burgers.

The following is a summary of the weekly time running and pace composition of all my barefoot running in the past month. The individual workouts you can find on my dailymile page.

My distance are still pretty low, averaging at 12 km per week, but that’s just the way it is starting out especially since I’m running exclusively barefoot. My training is going better than expected, not a blister or soreness of any kind!! Amazing what good form does. Keeping it slow and gradual to allow my feet and legs to adapt. Most runs are on easy, mostly smooth, cement sidewalk, an 8 or a 6 on the Barefoot Ken Bobs Surface Texture Scale (10 being the easiest and 1 being the roughest), or on a 5ish, rough, paved trail. My feet are in perfect shape! I should be great for my upcoming 5k (T minus 3 days!).


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I’m liking my new tracking application, which I started using in September when I started running again. I’m still using my smartphone to track runs since I still don’t own a proper runners tracking gadget, but the application I use has changed since Adidas bought BiM Active’s software and turned it into miCoach. Unfortunately, as of yet there is still no easy way to share info from miCoach on the blog (no widgets, no RSS feed, nuthin). But, hey, it’s free. I can, however, show you what an example workout of mine looks like.

I would just like to add that a significant part of the success of my training is due in part to the support I get online via dailymile, twitter  and blogs. Check out who I follow, who follows me, dailmile friends and blogroll in sidebar. Thank God for the interwebs.


My new tracking gadget & run stats

Thanks to a great tip from my boyfriend, I am now using BiM Active on my smart phone to track my running activities and then publishing them here. Really nifty, plus the app is free. What is does is track my phone via satellite and it gives me all sorts of statistics, so it’s just a matter of taking my phone with me.

Keeping a runners log is very useful to monitor progress and to be mindful of how much you are working your body. And it works as a motivator too! Especially in the beginning. So for me, logging my runs is mostly to keep track of weekly and accumulated barefoot kilometers and make sure I’m progressing slowly. But it’s also a mechanism to help maintain discipline.

Here are some screen shots of the features I will be publishing:

Screen shot of example running logPay no mind to the weather stats, that’s an error. The temperature was actually very warm, over 30 degrees Celsius. And I’ve included  a note on the terrain, as that is a relevant feature to barefoot runners.

A pace graph and elevation graph are also published.

I’ve added a permanent link  on the right to my BiM blog where you can review all posts of my running activities. We’ll see how it goes!

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